Useful tools

A growing selection of tools to make your financial life easier.

  • Comprehensive budget calculator. Work out your budget before entering into a DMP, making offers to creditors, putting together a statements of means for dealing with judgments, rent arrears, council tax and fines enforcement.
  • Want to take control of your debt repayments? You can set up your own debt management plan with our DMP repayment calculator.
  • Thinking of clearing your debts by offering a lump sum to all your creditors? Look at our Full & Final settlement calculator.
  • Received a claim or involved in litigation? Check out our defence and court deadlines calculator.
  • Do you know how much a relatively small debt can increase once bailiffs get involved? Look at our bailiff and HCEOs fees calculator.
  • Can you afford to take out more credit? Use our loan calculators to estimate your repayments.
  • Looking for a mortgage? Make sure you can afford it in the long term. Use our mortgage calculators.
  • Want to be debt free? Use our credit card calculator to work out how to pay off those cards.
  • Ready to start saving? Use our savings and investments calculators to work out how much your money can grow at various rates of interest.
  • Have you received a notice of an application for an attachment of earnings order? Want to make a voluntary repayment offer to suspend the order? Use our dedicated N56 calculator to work out your figures.
  • Need to suspend a warrant of control to avoid a bailiff visit? Have you circumstances change and you can no longer afford your CCJ repayments? Have you got a forthwith judgment you want to be able to repay in monthly installments? In all these cases, you will need to fill in an N245 with your financial details and a repayment offer. Use our N245 calculator to work out your figures.

IMPORTANT NOTEThese calculators are provided for your convenience. Forum Wars cannot be held liable for any loss or damages incurred as a result of your reliance on them.