Debt and credit knowledge base

Why are we here?

Government austerity measures resulting in lack of funding for consumer resources such as law clinics and advice centres, the disappearance of legal aid and increasingly prohibitive court fees have severely limited access to justice in the UK and left ordinary people with little option but to turn to the internet for help and advice. Some of this advice is provided by reliable resources, however, a lot of it is dubious and some can be downright dangerous.

Forums are not what they seem

Consumers are increasingly driven to online forums where the question and answer format gives the impression they are being given advice when, in fact, the vast majority of forum posters are unqualified and merely repeat what has been previously posted online, or try to do their own research and often come up with the wrong interpretation of what they find.

Forum owners and operators are motivated by their own agendas which are not always evident to ordinary posters. Some seek to empower themselves by exercising control over a large number of people; they may seek fame and a few also seek fortune. In principle, everyone is allowed to join, but not everyone is treated equally. They are free to join but some offer premium paid subscriptions or will ask for donations.

Forums are unreliable and inconsistent

Advice given on forums can vary wildly even within the same site, depending on who is writing at the time. Those who are satisfied will express their gratitude and their posts will be clearly visible. Those who weren’t hardly ever go back to say because they are aware that, if they did, their posts would be swiftly removed. Advice is provided without liability by anonymous screen names and there’s no-one to complain to if it was wrong.


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Money troubles

  • Are you having trouble paying your rent, mortgage, council tax or utility bills?
  • These have to come above everything else, everyone else can wait, see priority debts.
  • Experiencing difficulties or defaulted on your accounts?
  • There are many ways to deal with this, see dealing with debt.
  • Are debt collectors ringing all the time? Even at work?
  • You don’t have to talk to them, you can put a stop to that, see harassment.
  • Are creditors adding extortionate interest and/or charges?
  • They may not be allowed to do so,  see unfair relationships.
  • Have payday lenders been helping themselves your money?
  • Take control of your money, see how to stop recurring payments.
  • Being pursued for an old debt?
  • If you haven’t made payments in 6 years or more, it may be statute barred.
  • You may be able to challenge some debts using the Consumer Credit Act

CCJs & enforcement

Bailiff visit? DON’T LET THEM IN! See bailiffs for what to do.

Court claims